Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization

By Mahima Chawla | Dec 28th, 2023

Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management: What Are They and How Do They Interact?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two sides of the same coin – “Digital Marketing”. ORM is a broader term that uses SEO as a tool for managing reputation of a brand. In simple language, ORM is a method used for designing the plan of actions to mold public perception of an entity, an individual or a business hub on various digital platforms. It generally deals with public relations, content management, the effect of negative feedback, and enhancing the ranking of any website or a blog or a campaign running under one brand name. Social Media Management is a crucial element of ORM as most users engage on this platform. 

On the other hand, SEO is a technique used by various companies to upgrade their Search Engine Result Page ranking. In the later 90’s, a clear-cut distinction was made between companies who were using SEO technique to be on the first page of any search engine by increasing its online visibility from the ones who were not following this science, and till today, the ranking battle is going on amongst the companies.  

SEO or ORM cannot exist alone!


SEO is a much-needed technique for ORM to work amazingly for creating the brand image of an individual or a company. With the help of ORM, the positive feedback and content are displayed on the top search pages. ORM is the best platform if a company is suffering from a negative brand image. It helps companies to revive its image amongst the users via campaigns that spread a positive and an effective message by using the science of SEO.

Does Your Company Revolve Around ORM?


Unfortunately, most companies are not using ORM as a technique to dwell a positive ripple effect amongst its users because of its expensive nature. Instead, companies are only using the fundamentals of SEO. However, SEO alone cannot work wonders if generating results from discrete campaigns, videos, texts etc. are the sole-objective of an organization. There is no doubt that SEO is the binding force in delivering great search results!

Here is An Example To Simplify Their Meanings!

Imagine, a pretty lady is searching for a dress for her first ever office get together. Her only aim is to buy a great dress that makes her look beautiful. She searches various websites and amongst those, yours is the one she likes the most. While scrolling and finding a perfect dress, she comes across an amazing one which falls under her budget too! Well, the sales process is just about to close as soon as she hit that confirm order button. But, before she hits the payment button, she read a negative review about the dress or the company mentioned by another user under the dress. Now, she goes back to her search again and she bypasses every dress under your brand name. Isn’t it extremely bad for your brand image? 


Your website displayed under her search results is because of SEO, however, to undo this negative effect you need ORM!

If still, you think; ORM is not what you need as long as SEO is working well for you, then think it over!


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